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Título : Transnational Recommendation Report: Fostering Innovative Labour Market-Oriented Educational and Research Approaches in the Field of Renewable Energy at Latin American and European Institutes of Higher Education
Autor : Aliaga, Javier
Amaro, Nelson
D´Andrade, Baltazar
Buch, Franziska
Czachor, Agnieszka
Díaz Romero, Manuel
Giesecke, Kira
Gottwald, Julia
Jiménez Estévez, Guillermo
Leal, Walter
Noviks, Gotfrīds
Ruiz, Cyrano
Ruíz, Felman
Vargas, Luis
Youssef, Youssef Ahmad
Zorins, Aleksejs
Palabras clave : Fostering Innovative
Labour Market
Oriented Education
Renewable Energy
Institutes of Higher Education.
Fecha de publicación : 28-jun-2019
Resumen : In the context of climate change associated with the consumption of fossil fuels and environmental problems associated with nuclear energy, renewable energy has recently become a fi eld of great relevance. Whether the production of biogas from waste, large wind parks or the use of solar home systems for providing energy to rural households, the uses of renewable energy are manifold in terms of scale, application and natural energy sources. Not only in less developed countries, such as those of Latin America, but also in highly industrialized countries, the use of locally available renewable energy resources is a means of improving quality of life and fostering economic development. However, when implementing technologies, policies or political imperatives, it is of central importance to take sufficient account of environmental and social consequences. For example, the cultivation of crops for biofuel production and the ecological and social impact of large dams for hydroelectric power plants give rise to much discussed and controversial issues. Many countries face the challenges of a lack of institutional policies and frameworks, limited access to technology, restricted access to financing, unsuitability of local infrastructures and, last but not least, a lack of training. Due to the innovative nature of this field, universities, as providers of research and education, can play a crucial role in overcoming these problems. In the context of the Joint European-Latin American Universities Renewable Energy Project (JELARE), implemented from November 2008 to November 2011 under the ALFA III Programme of the European Commission, various initiatives have been undertaken to develop the renewable-energy sector in the participant countries in both Europe (Germany, Latvia) and Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala). Over the last three years, JELARE has placed special emphasis on the need to address the problems posed by the lack of expertise and training in this important fi eld. The JELARE project’s activities have ranged from capacity-building, networking and developing university strategies for the inclusion of renewable energy topics to the practical implementation of transnational pilot modules for renewable-energy education, research and technology transfer. All these activities have been closely monitored and evaluated. The lessons learned during implementation of the project have been compiled in this recommendation report, which is especially addressed to other higher-education institutions that also plan to foster education, research and technology transfer in the renewable energy sector. Thanks are due to the JELARE project partners, who have developed practical tips for other higher-education institutions on the basis of their JELARE experiences. These are presented in this report together with examples of good practices from the JELARE project. We would also like to thank the ALFA III Programme of the European Commission for supporting the JELARE project. It is hoped that this publication, which will be widely disseminated in print and online, will provide a long-lasting contribution to the further development of renewable energy activities at higher-education institutions in Latin America and Europe. Enjoy the report!
Descripción : 337.7 C993R 2011
URI : http://biblioteca.galileo.edu/tesario/handle/123456789/816
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